Sound Transfers

SOUND TRANSFERS is a small studio devoted to the recovery and preservation of sound recordings on old and obsolete grooved disc and magnetic tape media and provides accurate transcription and a high quality service for library collections and sound archives.

Since 1982, John Davies has been in charge of technical operations. For 17 years he was employed as an external contractor by the British Library Sound Archive where his understanding and appreciation of all genres of recorded sound, from classical music and opera, spoken word, jazz, wildlife, ethnic and world music etc., were put to good use in getting the best from old tape and grooved media collections for the Library's digitisation projects, some of which were "rescue missions", in particular the Peter Newbrook/Carlo Krahmer Jazz collection and a broadcast archive on Betamax tapes.

Among other completed projects:

  • a Poetry Tape Archive for the British Council Literary Department;
  • the Disc and Wax Cylinder collections of the National Library of Wales and the Museum of Welsh Life;
  • the Theatre Performance Tape Archive of the Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent;
  • the Oral History collections of the Cheshire Salt Museum;
  • the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew;
  • the Canna Gaelic collection, Edinburgh University;
  • the Brion Gysin Poetry collection;
  • an archive of Sound Mirror paper tapes for Hawaii University.

The ADLONNI RECORDINGS archive of Welsh recordings from 1899 to 1985, on cylinders, discs, and tapes is also kept at Sound Transfers. The archive contains 100's of commercial, private and broadcast recordings, from opera, classical songs, jazz, and the village eisteddfod. Items from the archive can be transcribed to CD to order. A list is not available but any enquiry is welcome.